TND Workshop

Project Foobar: Ideas Showdown

When: 11:00 PM Friday, May 14, 2021

The time has come to pick....

[the movie trailer announcer guy comes in from nowhere]

[thousands of birds ominously erupt from trees, darkening the sky]


This Friday we will meet up in the Foobar Voice channel on our Discord server to discuss all of the ideas pitched to us, and then vote on the one we want to move forward with and build over the next few months.

We'll try and get champions for each idea to make the pitch and field questions - think Shark Tank or Lion's Den, except you're the investors.

Then, we'll open up the vote in #foobar-text using a polling bot, and likely have the results that evening.

Have questions? Hit the link beside the "Where" and ask away in #foobar-text.

Here are links to each contender's information: