Project Foobar Idea: What's Your Path

Written by Rodney
May 10, 2021

Name: What’s Your Path

Target Audience: Students in grades 7+

The Challenge: Young people are struggling to plan ahead, and as a result do not feel optimistic about their futures. They are not given useful roles in their community, and don’t feel that adults in the community value them. They also struggle knowing which resources are available to them, and accessing those resources.

The Solution: Develop an application that helps young people refine their skills, passions and interests in order to develop a path for the future based on their priorities and goals. Through building confidence, reducing barriers, and connecting them to the resources and support they need, we will ensure young people are future-ready. This will also enhance motivation, optimism, confidence and direction to increase graduation rates, reduce at-risk behaviour, and improve long-term employability.

Background: Hamilton Youth Network is a collaborative of parents, community groups, schools, businesses, agencies and organizations working together to create a community that builds the assets youth need to flourish.

[You can read more about their "What's Your Path" initiative here [pdf].](

Possible Blockers:

  • Need to determine specifically what we will be building

What makes this a strong idea:

  • Hamilton Youth Network is an established organization with strong ties to the community; they would be able to help ensure a strong and engaged user base for this application