Project Foobar Idea: HWCDSB

Written by Rodney
May 10, 2021

Name: [Undecided]

Target audience: High school graduates of the Hamilton Wentworth Catholic District School Board

The Challenge: As students graduate and leave high school, we often don’t have a method of communicating with an alumni. On occasion, we receive information on new programs, courses and incentives that might be of interest to them.

The Solution: This would be a mobile application that graduates could download to their phones. When their school/school board receives an opportunity that would benefit alumni, a school board staff member could send this information through the app to all school-board alumni. Students would be able to search through categories of opportunities in the application, for example new training programs, employment opportunities, homecoming, or adult education workshops. The alumni would receive a notification from the app, and then be able to open and view the message regarding the program or opportunity.

Possible Blockers:

What makes this a strong idea:

  • Already have buy-in from the school board
  • Very concise and buildable idea