TND Workshop

s04e01: How to network and get a job during COVID

When: 12:00 AM Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Getting a job is probably the primary reason we all went into this program, and next week we're bringing in a special guest to share their experience on how they found employment in what every corporation on the planet calls These Unprecedented Times™️.

Wren Chen is a UI/UX Developer at Reliq Health, and a 2019 graduate of Sheridan College's Interactive Media Management program. We'll be bringing them on our Twitch stream next week to ask them about their experience looking for work, the challenges they faced and any advice they might have for us.

You’re probably familiar with how these events run, so strap on your pajamas and we’ll see you in your office!


Here is a link to Wren's presentation from that evening!