TND Workshop

s01e04: How to make the most of your first job

When: 12:00 PM Wednesday, November 27, 2019
Where: EA105, Seminar Room F (the boardroom)

This will be a quick, 50-minute session where students heading in to their first co-op can find answers to all of their burning questions: How do I maximize my learning during the co-op? What are my mentors expecting from me? Why don't Macs have a proper 'delete' button?

To help answer those questions, we're bringing in 5 seasoned veterans:

Jeff McIsaac - Dean of Applied Research at Mohawk College, who previously oversaw hiring co-ops with AMIC at IDEAWORKS on campus, and will give us an employer's perspective.

Sierra Robinson - One of Jeff's star students, who graduated recently and is now working as a 3D Application Specialist at Applied Precision 3D.

Jeremy Burgstaler - A 4th-semester software student who's currently working part-time at MEDIC and completed his co-op this year as a Java developer with Procor Limited.

Ceagan Paladino - A 4th-semester software student who worked in Software Quality Assurance at Timberland Equipment during his co-op earlier this year.

Emily Stanek - A 4th-semester software student who completed her co-op this year at Bursting Silver and has continued working with them part-time throughout this semester.

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