TND Workshop

Project Foobar: Requirements pt. ii and tech stack discussion

When: 11:00 PM Friday, June 11, 2021

Andrew Holden gave us a really great start on defining our requirements a few weeks ago, and it's time we finished that work.

For this next event, we'll start by selecting the core outcomes from that requirements document that we would like to focus on with our application, then use Miro to brainstorm more specific ideas through a series of rounds:

  1. everyone will start by jotting down any ideas they have
  2. everyone will build on someone else's idea
  3. we will go through each idea, giving their contributors 30 seconds to describe them
  4. we will vote on our favorite ideas

This should give us a good idea of what we'll be building, providing a nice transition to having a discussion around which programming language(s) we would like to use to build the application and how we would like to host and deploy the application, both of which we will vote on in Discord.

To prepare for this event:

  • please add one or two requirements to the document linked above
  • sign up for an account at so that you will be able to contribute during our brainstorm.

If you have any other questions, please ask them in the #foobar-text channel in our Discord server.

See you all Friday!