Welcome to The New Developers

Written by Jen Armstrong
August 19, 2019

We are you, a year from now.

We took the early classes, the late exams. We sat in the basement labs and slogged through the coffee lines. We threw exception after exception after exception. We left our USB in the library. Again.

We took a chance on a career everyone told us they would do if they had the time, the energy, the patience, the math. Oh, the math. We didn't tell anyone that the humbling experience of learning boolean algebra was nothing compared to the first time we lifted our head from our hands to see someone pointing out the misspelled keyword in our broken code.

We wish we could tell you exactly what to expect when we all get out of here. Sure, we've got some ideas, some strong opinions from the community and our mentors and our employers. We've got great plans to share that knowledge with you. That's what this club is about, on the surface.

But we are going into an industry that changes a little bit every day. No one institution, no framework, no curriculum can keep up. The only way to stay on top of our game is to think critically and be flexible, to learn how to learn, to effectively communicate and grow together. These are skills that don't depreciate. The version history is the same.

At the core of our club is this: You are not on your own. This is not just your challenge to overcome. You are one of many students going through the same struggle to be prepared, to stand out, to dare greatly. In our co-op positions, we got a taste of what's out there, to be sure; but we're still just you, a year from now. We are The New Developers, all of us.

Are you ready to go?